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Ploch Farms was founded in 1915 by George Ploch, an immigrant from Germany. He located his business in Clifton, New Jersey, a Northern New Jersey near Newark and New Your city. From its inception, Ploch Farms has been a leader in the wholesale production of vegetables in the northeast. On this original nine acre plot in Clifton, Ploch Farms marketed its products to the metropolitan areas of Newark and New York City. This family business specialized in the production of high quality lettuces, cabbage, and radishes.
A variety of vegetables were grown throughout the years as the business was passed down through generation after generation. The founder, George Ploch, first passed his business to his son, John Ploch, Sr., who passed it to his son, Edwin Charles Ploch, who finally passed it down to his son, John Edwin Ploch, the current owner and president. Ploch Farms was relocated in 1973 due to urban encroachment in the Northern New Jersey area to South Jersey. Edwin Charles Ploch the original owner of the new South Jersey location, carried on the traditions that we begun in Northern Jersey. He grew the standard
vegetables but he also brought with him his knowledge of culinary herbs. This market would soon grow to be Ploch Farms main focus in the following decades. The new location served well with productive soils, moderate weather patterns, a long growing season, and a predominately agricultural economy. The business expanded rapidly in South Jersey and grew to 280 acres by 2009.
The Current owner and president, John Edwin Ploch, has held the company since 1985. Ploch Farm’s rich agricultural history has enabled it to gain an excellent reputation for quality fresh market herbs and vegetables.
Ploch Farms Ploch Farms
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